Celebrity Book Blogger and Music Lover

Who would have thought that this popular celebrity book blogger is also into music? I just found out that she’s the country’s representative to MTV Asia and Channel V Asia! Wow! I also found out that she is part of a local indie band that plays in some bars around the metro. She has a MIDI set that she uses for their gigs.

I am now following her in Twitter and Instagram. I love her updates! I am inspired whenever she posts something about her work. It actually doesn’t feel to me as work since she’s doing something that she really loves, reading and creating music. I wish I have the same job as hers!

It would be totally cool to be a celebrity book blogger and music lover.

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Party Hair Colors

A close relative of mine is celebrating her birthday this coming weekend. There will be a big party being prepared by her family for her. I already got my invite and it said there to come in my best party face and clothes. Well! I have in mind to get party hair colors to go with my funky clothes!

hair highlights

What do you think of the hair color highlights above? Do you think it will go well with my mini red dress?

I like it!

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Turn to Music.

I have always believed in turning to music whenever I feel down or just anxious about something. I think music is a universal language that we can all understand no matter where we are in this planet. I was talking to a friend of mine from across the globe and we were both exploring musiansfriends without us knowing about it in the beginning. He was telling me about the stress he’s getting out of his job for weeks now so he’s looking for a diversion, an outlet, to stop himself from keeling over and dying on the spot due to stress.

I told him that I’ve been experiencing some bad spots here and there in my daily life as well. He told me to turn to music like what he’s doing. He’s looking to get an acoustic guitar and he told me that if I want, he’d get one for me, too.

That’s when we realized we’re browsing the same site! Well, I said yes. I really need a diversion, too, and I am grateful that I have a friend who’s willing to go out of his way to improve my life.

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Cover Up

knit cover up

I love a cover up! It can be worn over a spaghetti-strapped top or a sleeveless blouse and it will make a huge difference to your look.

My sister and I have been talking about enrolling in fashion school so we can learn how to make the clothes that we have in mind. We are plus size women so you can imagine the limitations in finding something fashionable in our size. It’s totally frustrating! We thought that if we only know how to create a pattern and sew, we can create clothes for us and maybe open a business on plus size fashion in this part of the world.

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Proud Pet Lover

A pet lover, that’s who I am and proud of it! I am partial to dogs of small breed but I love all dogs. I also like cats and birds but I prefer dogs at home. They double as pets and guards at home as well. Since they are being treated as family members, we naturally make sure that they are healthy. You can say that EntirelyPets Pharmacy is a site that we make use of for our fur babies’ well-being.

We have four pet dogs right now. We used to have more than seven at one point but we had to give up some as we couldn’t take care of all of them anymore. But the four that we have left are the babies of the family. We are hoping that they get to stay with us forever but we all know they have a life span that we need to be aware of.

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1950′s Pin-up Girl

Have you ever the Betty Garble’s “million dollar leg” pose? How about Marilyn Monroe’s flying skirt pose? These are just some of the most famous poses of the 1950’s pin-up girl which until now are being used/printed/shared and are still circulating among image sharing sites like Tumblr.

The Pin-up Girls

Pin-up girls or cheesecakes as what others call it, are models that do poses for pin-ups. These pin-ups may refer to informal displays that are usually pinned up on the walls and which could be found on newspapers, magazines, and calendars, but are mostly, posters.

pinup girl

Pin-up models are usually actresses, glamour models and fashion models who are popular to the mass. As their poses are usually striking and playful, some people labelled this as sexual images endorsed to the public. However, due to invigorating beauty and classic look of pin-ups, people continue to patronize them until now.

Pin-Up and the Modern Society

As of today, pin-up photos serve as inspiration to present-day models, not only metaphorically but also physically. Pin-up models usually have good figures and right curves which contemporary ladies dream of having. The natural look and stunning appearance of the models are also factors for support pin-ups.

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My Cautious Mother-in-law

My mother-in-law asked me if I can do a tenant screening on someone who wants to rent the next-door unit that she owns. I told her that I am not really equipped to do it myself so it is better to use Tenantify which is a service dedicated to doing verification on employment and income of prospective tenants. We checked it together and she likes the fact that it is free for the landlord and that tenant pays a small fee in exchange to being verified.

There is employment verification only which entails verifying with the tenant’s employer through a verified number, detailed call note and recording, and with three attempts to come up with definite results. And then there’s income verification only which is authenticated via online banking API, calculation on the tenant’s income, and with detailed transaction-level reporting. Each verification is done for a minimal fee of $10 but if the landlord wants both, a best value of $15 will be asked from the tenant.

My mother-in-law is all about screening because you can never be too cautious when it comes to tenants. And I agree!

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Diane and Me

Diane Von Furstenberg

I also sometimes feel that I don’t know what I really wanted to do, just like what Diane Von Furstenberg said above. But I know what I want to become and that’s to be a financially, emotionally, and psychologically secure woman who is fulfilled in whatever she chose as a profession.

Anyway, November is already here. A few more weeks and it’ll be Christmas. And then it’ll be the new year.

So many things to do still…

May this month be a good one for you and me!


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