Time to Celebrate!

Ella, my best friend’s eldest daughter and my goddaughter, is going to graduate this coming May 29th. She just finished her course in Information Technology from a prestigious university. She can’t wait to complete her stint in the university and it will all come to fruition with her walk down the aisle towards stage to get her diploma.

My best friend, ever the stage and doting mother, is now planning to celebrate her girl’s graduation with a big party. I told her to check out these cute graduation party ideas! I am sure that it will come in handy to her especially as she’s also taking care of three other kids.

I can’t wait to celebrate my goddaughter’s graduation. She’s been a consistent dean’s lister during her four-year course. High grades and a close to perfect attendance. She deserves such a big party because she’s a good kid and has never given her parents any cause for concern.

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Bedroom for the Little Guy

You might have noticed that I haven’t posted as much the past few days. You know why? I am always in conference with the rest of the family regarding the little guy’s room. We want to give him a room of his own sometime this coming month so he can start becoming independent from his parents. Well, just in sleep.

kiddie room

I am looking for ideas online. I got some from here and I think I will get some more ideas just to be sure that we saw everything out there. The photo above is an ideal bedroom for the little guy but we will modify it a bit because he’s not yet in school. Toys will surely occupy a big space of his room.

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Nail Art Inspiration for Valentine’s Day


Going out tonight or this weekend to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your special someone? Or maybe opting to celebrate the day of hearts with your family? Whatever you prefer to do these three love-filled days, make sure your nails are fashionably painted.

Don’t you just think that nail art for Valentine’s Day is love!


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A Collection of Sounds

I can’t imagine life without music. Our home is filled with beautiful sounds all the time. It doesn’t have to be a song but it can be a collection of different sounds made by each person inside the house. It’s lovely! It reminds me of the DDJ-SX cover that I saw online while I was talking to a friend who now lives in a different country. Both our homes were filled with different sounds while we’re talking online.

Music is universal. It doesn’t matter what the language is as long as the harmony is there, as long it speaks to the heart, any kind of sound will become music to the ears.

I hope I made sense.

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A Playful Ensemble for Date Night

I know most girls out there automatically think of dressing up when going on a date. That’s fine. But what if you are just going out to the mall to stroll around, eat out, or watch a movie? My suggestion for your attire is this: a playful ensemble for date night!

love getup

Don’t worry about dressing down, or feeling under-dressed. You are not. You are just expressing your playful side when you wear something like the whole ensemble above. And, anyway, this suggestion is for a casual date. If you are going on a formal dinner or something that requires formal attire, of course, the ensemble above is not applicable.

Cute, no?


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Trouble conceiving again

I feel for my boss who is having a hard time conceiving again. Her firstborn is now six years old so she and her husband feel it is time to conceive again but it’s not as easy as her first time.

Secondary infertility. This is something that most of us do not know. Secondary infertility refers to those couple who didn’t have trouble trying to conceive with their first born but suddenly have a lot of unknown issues when trying to conceive their 2nd child. More and more couples are battling secondary infertility and most of them find it very stressful as they don’t know what the possible reason could be. Pregnancy tips say that one of the reasons of secondary infertility is age. Some couples are so lax thinking they are fertile as they were able to have their first born without problems, forget that they also age as time goes by. And since our biological clock is ticking, specially women, now come the difficulty trying to conceive for baby #2 as our chances of conceiving lowers as we age, and the eggs might not be as viable as they were before.

Compared to couples with primary infertility, couples with secondary infertility mostly “do not know what they are missing”. This can be devastating to others, especially if conception was so easy at first. There are many things to consider, your lifestyle, your age, your health could be the reason for secondary infertility. Find out more at http://pregnancytips.org.

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